As your home electrics slowly ages, it will eventually require some repair work or partial or full rewiring.

It is a good idea to have the system checked if any of the following are a problem

  • Flickering lights
  • Fuses, MCBs, RCDs tripping
  • Outlet problems
  • You have aluminium wiring
  • Discoloured outlets/switches
  • Burning smell
  • You have experienced electric shocks

The time frame and the price of a rewire differ depending on a number of reasons

Estimated prices for full rewires based on previous projects

3 Bedroom   7-10 Days  £2500-£3100
2 Bedroom   6-9  Days    £2250-£3000
1 Bedroom   5-8  Days    £2000-£2500

The prices do not include making good. We will always do our best to keep mess to a minimum but with all rewires certain holes will need to be made and walls will need chasing. We are happy to patch where necessary but we are not professional plasterers and would recommend you hire professional plasterers.