Portable Appliance Testing

  • Should be carried out by a competant person (not someone who has been on a 4 hour course
  • Not needed on brand new items
  • Requires a visual, continuity, polarity & insulation resistance test.
  • Does not remove the need for regular risk assessments.
  • Not a legal requirement, however it is a necessity to keep your electrical equipment in check and your staff safe
  • Is required for equipment not belonging to the business but are brought on site


  • We have a minimum fee of £59 for local jobs which includes the first 10 items.
  • then £1.30 for every additional item.
  • PATesting prices work on a per item basis; per item means each item we inspect or test

e.g. a computer on a desk has a base unit, its detachable power IEC lead, the monitor and its power lead (4 items)