Electrical Safety

You should get your Electricks electrician to take a look at your electrics if you can answer YES to any of these questions

  • Is your wiring more than 10 years old?
  • Has it been longer than ten years since the wiring was tested?
  • Has electrical work been carried out by amateurs?
  • Do your plugs or sockets get hot?
  • Do your lights use the old, twisted type flex?
  • Do your fuses blow regularly and for no obvious reason?
  • Do you use electrical equipment outdoors?
  • Do you often have to use extension cables?
  • Do you have to use adaptors routinely to run your appliances?
  • Do you have round pin plugs and sockets?
  • Do you have an old fuse board?
  • Do your lights keep flickering?


Electricks electricians are ideally placed to service your local electrical needs.

How do you know an electrical installation or appliance is safe??

Poor electrics are the cause of thousands of accidental fires in the home each year. In addition to this there are many instances where you can get an electric shock. The results of this can range from mildly uncomfortable to fatal.

The causes of these incidents are also very varied. To prove if your electrical installation is safe, you should have it thoroughly inspected and tested by an engineer.

Do you have an old fuse board?

Although an old fuse board is not in itself a problem, its presence is often a good sign that there are other problems with the electrical installation. For instance, the switch gear may not be manufactured to a sufficient standard to allow for some of the electrical characteristics in your home.

The only real way to prove if your consumer unit or any other part of your electrical installation is safe is to have a periodic electrical inspection carried out by an engineer.

Do I have the right amount of sockets?

In your kitchen you will use a vast array of electrical equipment. If there are not enough socket outlets it will mean that you will need to use adapters or extension leads. This will not only place an unacceptable electrical load on each socket outlet, but it could also prove to be a trip hazard with extension leads trailing throughout the kitchen. Also, are there enough socket outlets in your other rooms for the equipment that you will be using there?

To rectify this situation you should get your Electricks electrician to inspecton your property.

My lights keep flickering!

Your lights flickering are a really bad sign. It is quite likely that there are serious faults developing with your electrical system. You will need to establish if the installation needs to be totally renewed or if you only need to do some light electrical repairs. The only way to establish this is to have your electrical installation inspected and tested by an Electricks electrician. He will also be able to arrange to carry out any necessary repairs to make your electrical installation safe and efficient.